Here Are Some of the Best Slot Games You Can Play in Online Casinos

Top internet casinos’ games for slot players

Online slots are one of the most addictive online casino games. Exciting game play, fun themes, massive jackpots, and a wide variety of games and soundtracks, these are few of the cool features which attract players from all age categories. Slots are one of the games where it comes down entirely to luck. Very little planning is involved and all players have the same winning probability as their counterparts. Slots are simple, make a bet, pull the lever, and wait to see whether you have hit the jackpot or not. Look out for machines which have a high RTP. Chances of winning dramatically increase, due to an increase in probability, because of the high RTP

Slots are fairly simple to play as no strategies are required to win and, it completely comes down to the player’s luck. Top internet casinos offer several famous games, all with different themes and soundtracks to catch the attention of the players. Few of the famous ones are Wild in Wolf Gold, Larry the Leprechaun, and the most common, which everyone is aware of; Fruit Machine. Just, plan a budget before playing to avoid overspending and choose slots that have a high RTP, for a better payout.

Wolf Golf Online Slot

Conquer the Wild in Wolf Gold Slot

Wolf Gold is a 25-pay line slot. It is perfect for animal lovers and, anyone playing it is in for a thrilling ride across the animal kingdom. A few of the features of this slot are, re-spins for money, blazing reels, and stacked wilds. Graphics include wild animals like the puma, stallion, eagle, etc. They are well rendered and give a 1980’s look to the slot. Mini, Major, and Mega are the three jackpots that come with this top internet casinos game. The values for these are 7.5K, 25K, and 250K respectively. With an RTP of 96% and after five free spins a healthy win is guaranteed for the player.

Larry the Leprechaun Online Slot

Are You Lucky Enough to Win in Larry the Leprechaun Slot?

Larry the Leprechaun slot is one of those slots where you step into an enchanted forest where leprechauns are the main attraction. The game comes in 4 by 4 reels, which is not new and all gamblers will be aware of. A few of the features which come with this slot game are; Bonus spins, wilds and block symbols, a magic sack, and so forth. The betting ranges from $1 to $10 with the maximum payout being 250 times the amount betted. So if you are lucky you can hit a jackpot of $25,000.

Master Joker Online Slot

It’s Always the Right Time for Some Good Ol’ Fruit Machine Like Master Joker Slot

Master joker is one of those slots which gives you the old school feeling because of the different fruits incorporated on the reels. It is one of the latest releases when it comes to slots. With a high RTP level of 96.46%, it offers payouts of up to 10,000 times of the amount betted. With the wagers inside the slot machine capable of reaching $100, you can expect a maximum payout of $1,000,000. So if you want to enjoy a good old taste of fruit machines, you can always play the Master Joker Slot.

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