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It should come as no surprise that the gambling industry has been thriving recently. The growth is also due to the result of online casino games; as the ease of convenience has attracted people from all walks of life to try their hand at gambling.

Whether you’re a newbie, looking to play casino games either for entertainment, or planning to go professional one day, this article has got you covered by providing you with the most widely played games across the globe. Keep in mind, that while some games are purely chance-based, there are also a few that will require, quite a bit of skill.

Slots Are Undoubtedly the Most Popular Game in Casinos

One simply just can’t avoid slots! It could be an online casino or a brick and mortar establishment, slots are present everywhere. They are perhaps the world’s most addictive casino games.

Slots provide the player with exciting game play, as well as the opportunity to earn big in a heartbeat. They are fast-paced, fun themed with cool soundtracks, and to add to that; there are massive jackpots available.

They are almost entirely based upon chance, with hardly any strategy involved. Each player is presented with an equal chance to win, and all one has to do is just spin the reels and hope to match the symbols along the different pay cuts.

Since it has already been mentioned that slots are purely a chance game, this doesn’t mean one should just start playing mindlessly. It’s absolutely vital that the player has a fixed budget in mind before they start playing; this ensures responsible gambling. It is very important for players that they don’t start spinning the reels until they have decided the maximum sum of money they are willing to spend, and nothing beyond that. Being cautious is a necessity as money that cannot be afforded by the players to be spent should be spent at any cost.

Most slots online come with an auto play function. This is easily visible and can be selected by the player with relative comfort. After this particular feature is selected, one by one it will go through the spins, displaying the results after each turn, and then moving onto the next. Furthermore, once the player has reached their win or loss limit, they can simply take their pay cut and leave. This ensures that the budget stays within the player’s control and they also get to experience the thrill of the game without any anxiety of losing any extra cash in the flow of the moment.

Secondly, a new player should also be aware of RTP, before they start playing for cash. No slot machine is the same as the rest. Not only do different machines have different themes, soundtracks, additional features, and symbols, but they also have different RTP rates. RTP of a slot machine is one of the most important features that the player should consider before they start playing for real cash. RTP is short for return to player; it’s a value that shows how much of each wager is returned to the player over a period of time. Games with high RTP will award better payouts than with games with low RTP.

Blackjack Will Help You Win

Blackjack is Simple, Yet Complex Enough to Entice Both Beginners and Long-Time Gamblers Alike

Blackjack is amongst the most well-known and also the most played casino game involving cards. This game, unlike slots, requires strategy and planning and this is exactly why blackjack attracts so many players; either professional or new. The player is required to make a decision every single hand; this in turn affects the outcome to a great deal.

If one plays well, it is possible, that the house edge of some variations can go down to 1% which is much better than most casino games. Despite this advantage, one must make an effort to learn the best blackjack strategy. The rules are simple, but it’s totally another case if one doesn’t know how to play.

The most important feature of blackjack is undoubtedly the edge of the house – the lower it is the better. There are some blackjack games available with a house edge of over 1 percent and even more than 2 percent. If your main objective is to win, and not just have fun, then you should definitely stay clear of those.

Now for those who don’t count cards, the basic blackjack strategy chart will outline the best decision possible. It goes without saying that the cards constituting a hand will have an impact on the chances of making a correct decision in certain scenarios without the inclusion of an Ace. This is however applicable in a handful of scenarios where one deck of playing cards is used by the blackjack variation. Nonetheless, the chart differs from the number of decks being played to the rules of the blackjack variation of the particular table.

While playing online blackjack, it is important to choose the most suitable bonus option and incorporating it into the game. Casino sites may offe3r their players an online blackjack bonus, as they know blackjack players want some extra cash to start with. Land casinos offer a smaller bonus or a higher wagering threshold, but an online blackjack bonus allows the player to instantly start gambling on the virtual 21 table.

Roulette a Great Game For New Players

Roulette is a Game Unlike Any Other, Perfect for New Players

Earlier versions of this casino game were developed in France, during the 18th century. Later on, roulette gained popularity and spread across Europe, eventually finding its way to the US.

Roulette is a casino game purely based on chance, and also quite easy to play. The player gets to place a bet on where a ball; placed on a spinning wheel, will land. The player has a 50-50 chance of winning if he only sticks to betting on just Reds or Blacks. If it lands on the chosen color the player will double the bet.

While all this may sound quite simple, there is one catch that gives the house it’s edge: The green 0 and 00 positions on the wheel. This feature is present on all American roulette wheels.

There are different variations of roulette and due to this, the house edge varies a lot. For instance, the European roulette has only one zero, and if one is playing online the casino will have an advantage of 2.70%. If the player opts for American roulette, this rises to 5.26% because of double zeros. Hence the European variant seems to be more favorable for the players.

 There are always better options than the above-mentioned variations that would give the player a favorable house edge. French Roulette for example has a house edge of 1.35% on certain markets and there are also places where there is no-zero roulette.

While playing online roulette the player gets to experience the action with a real dealer from his screen as if he was in a real casino.

If You Plan on Taking Gambling Seriously, Poker is Your Game

People have been arguing about poker being, either a game of skill or chance for decades now. While there’s no doubt that luck plays an important part in every casino game, and not just poker, this is one game where the skills of the player can be honed over time.

What influences the entire game is how the player reacts to the starting cards. The player has two options: calling the blinds or folding the cards. If the cards have the potential of producing a strong hand then most players continue to play, otherwise, if the cards show a potential loss the player can fold the cards. The ability to predict the outcome of a game based solely on a pair of cards is why poker can be labeled as a game of skill. Moreover, a great deal of analysis is required on the player’s behalf, if one has a pair of high-value cards (aces) one can then call or increase their blinds.

Another aspect that affects the outcome of this particular casino game is how a player calls bluff and also how the opponents play. Whether the opponents are skilled or not matters a lot as well. The player’s odds of winning are the same as his opponents but what matters is, how

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