Read This Before You Claim Your Signup Bonus From The Online Casino of Your Choice

How to get free welcome bonus and how they can benefit your gambling sessions

Many casinos offer numerous different kinds of bonuses to entice new customers to deposit their cash. This article will discuss the different bonuses being offered, including how they work and their benefit to the player in the long run.

Online casinos have resorted to outrageously creative marketing tactics to attract new players these days, one of them being their free welcome bonus offer. Various kinds of bonuses and treats await new players once they’ve signed up, which also makes sure to engage the player in such a way that they remain loyal in the long run.

Free Spins Are a Common Type of Bonus

What Are the Common Types of Welcome Bonuses?

Out of the many bonuses offered these days, the most popular is the free welcome bonus.

These bonuses come in different forms and sizes:

  • 100 percent bonus offer: The best kind of offer comes in the form a percentage of whatever amount the player has deposited at the start. One of the most popular variants is the 100% bonus offer, which means the player’s initial deposit doubles over time.
  • Match bonus offer: This is a variation of the 100 percent bonus offer. The difference is that instead of focusing on a specific percentage, the operator usually matches the player’s initial deposit.
  • 200/300 percent bonus offer: Some casinos even offer a 200% bonus offer. But usually, bonuses that exceed the 100% mark often come with lower caps. Make sure to read the terms and conditions to learn further about the cap
  • Bonus cash with free spins: Bonus spins or free spins are a trend that’s growing steadily. Casinos offer free spins to new players, and even offer extra 100 spins if the player decides to deposit some money initially.

Reading The Terms and Conditions Are Very Important

First Thing to do After Claiming Your Bonus – Read the Terms and Wagering Requirements

There is most of the time, if not always, a catch when it comes to bonuses being offered by the casinos. Known as wagering requirements or playthrough requirements, these are used by casinos to protect their bonuses. A wagering requirement is usually displayed as a number with an ‘x’, indicating the number of times the player has to stake or bet the deposit amount, bonus amount, or deposit plus bonus amount for the bonus to be cashed. Casino operators usually have different wagering requirements, ranging from 10x to 30x. Some casinos will even offer up to 70x, so make sure you read them all before signing up

How These Bonuses Can Benefit Your Gambling Sessions

Since sign up bonuses is the real deal now, players should know how to take complete advantage of them.

Make sure to sign up with as many casinos as possible, to get access to the different kinds of bonuses. This will ensure that the player plays risk-free.

Always go for the maximum amount offered in a bonus, while making the initial deposit. For instance, if the casino offers a 100 percent bonus, up to a maximum of $250, it is wise to deposit $250 to get the maximum bonus.

Make sure to check the wagering requirements and other extras, these can be verified by going through the casino site’s terms and conditions (T&C)

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