Is it really that complicated at Star games?

It is common for slot games to have multiple versions of a game. So there is not only triple chance, but double triple chance and even triple triple chance. This is in no way different with Book of Ra. There is now Book of Ra 6, where players no longer have five reels, even get a six and the many, many branches of the game. So other people have also thought about how to get the game on the machine screen and have brought it out in a slightly modified form. But that’s not part of the Book of Ra Mania at Stargames Casino. It is also about the other casino games related to BoR.

A game that is not played quite as often in Germany as, for example, in England is bingo. Stargames offers bingo and during the Book of Ra Mania also as Book of Ra Bingo (top game!). If you think now that this cannot be possible, you are unfortunately on the wrong path. Because there are other Book of Ra games, such as the Book of Ra Roulette, with the rounds on this roulette table also being part of the bonus programs. If you play Book of Ra at the roulette table you also have the chance to win a bonus.

The Book of Ra Mania clearly deserves its name. This offer is brimming with Book of Ra versions and you can be sure that this offer will be well received. Maybe even with you?

Which e-wallet provider is the best for online casinos

Online casinos usually offer a variety of payment methods. Usually there are at least two to three e-wallet providers. What they all have in common is that the transaction is carried out within a few seconds and the customer does not have to transmit his bank details to the online casino. But which of the providers is best suited for online casinos?

1. PayPal

PayPal casinos are considered to be particularly secure. The largest e-wallet provider in the world should take a closer look at providers than the competition. In addition, online casinos should be able to offer their customers PayPal as a payment option and pay comparatively high fees. As a result, only a few providers use PayPal as a payment method. However, those who offer PayPal are therefore considered to be particularly secure. No online casino that does not think long-term and sustainably would take on the effort and the additional costs.

The eBay subsidiary PayPal is also the most widespread, so that many customers do not have to register for the deposit and can also use the e-wallet provider when shopping online.

However, the disadvantages are the fact that PayPal is not considered a common payment method in online casinos and the provider could also better protect its customers from misuse.

2. Skrill

Skrill has long been known as Moneybookers and is considered one of PayPal’s main competitors. Skrill is a much more common payment method in online casinos. In order to prevail against the popularity of PayPal, Skrill is constantly trying to improve its service, has a cheaper fee structure and offers its customers better ways to protect themselves from abuse. The biggest disadvantage for customers from the German-speaking countries is the fact that Skrill is offered much less often as a payment method in online shops.


Neteller is similar to Skrill. This e-wallet provider is also very widespread in online casinos, but is much less common in German online shops. The PayPal competitor is also trying to catch up with the market leader through a better fee structure and has recently stopped charging fees for transfers. A casino with Neteller support is for example the OVO Casino.


If you are looking for an e-wallet provider especially for online casinos, you should use Neteller or Skrill. They are both much more common in this industry, offer better security mechanisms and often offer better bonus terms. PayPal is suitable for anyone who wants to use online auctions and shopping in addition to online casinos and who do not want to use two e-wallet providers.

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